Links For Linking!

4 May

Link ’em up! New links: Trash Wire, The Last Boss, *touch ’em all*, Counting My Outs, Matusow Truth Blog, What Sucks…, LOST Spoilers, and 3 Man Lift

The Golden State Warriors upset the Mavericks last night, setting in stone the first time an 8 seed ever beat a 1 seed in a 7 game playoff series.  Deadspin’s view from inside the Oracle, Dan Shanoff calls it the biggest upset ever,  Empty The Bench agrees, vv too, Sportszilla says don’t hate on Dirk, while True Hoop hates on Dirk.  The Big Lead just says let sulking Dirks lie.

Brett Myers notches his first save, Driven to Deep Center hates the West Coast, Phillies Flow provides some numbers, Freaking Gordon says Philling Station, Bonds is  going for the home run record,  and The Phans Blog isn’t surprised about Gordon.

The new Spiderman movie is out, and says that it’s ‘more of the same-except better’, while Slate says that it has ‘too many villains’ and is just too much.

No Mas wants a boxer v MMA fighter matchup.  That *would* be something to watch, wouldn’t it?    The Nation of Islam Sports Blog takes glee in Joe Theismann going after Brady Quinn.  Here is a picture of blogger Alyssa Milano, and a link to Hater Nation hating on her.  MMM, Gritty sandwiches!

Say what? Bob Costas as Don Imus? Conversating with Donovan and Andy? A secret plot by NJ state troopers to ticket speeders for speeding? Julio Lugo sucks? Mayweather v Golden Boy?

Musicians in the park are a problem.  A BIG PROBLEM.

Mitt Romney likes Battlefield Earth,  Republicans debated and while I’m sure it was great and all, I can’t help but laugh at the headline on Huffington Post about the event: “Ten Middle-Aged White Men”…although I hardly think John McCain qualifies as ‘middle-aged’.  Al Walentis talks about the debate.  HP also says save our toddlers from hip-hop!


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