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Dr. Andrews Is Taking The Conservative Approach

14 Jun

Freddy Garcia’s bum shoulder is going to be rested for quite a while.  No one knows how long either:

“Both the Phillies’ medical staff and Dr. Andrews are in complete agreement that a conservative approach should be taken,” assistant general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said Thursday.

Garcia will be shut down for “several” weeks, before he can begin a tossing program.

“Both doctors agree that there is some damage to the shoulder, but it’s more a product of being a starting pitcher who has logged as many innings as Freddy has over the last several seasons,” Amaro said.

Wait…but wasn’t the fact that he’s thrown so many innings supposed to be one of the selling points given to the fans???  Why, yes…if you can remember back all of two months ago:

“He’s going to fit nicely into our rotation and we feel like he’s a guy that’s going to be able to give us innings. He’s a proven winner.”

So the very thing we were touting is what apparently caused him to lose velocity and helped damage his shoulder.  Good work had by all. Pats on the back everyone!