And The Winner Of The Chris Wheeler Guessing Game Is…

26 Jul

Tom G from Balls, Sticks & Stuff!!! He guessed that our favorite announcer Chris Wheeler would mention the size of Petco Park during the final 3 games of the Phillies-Padres about 9 times. I counted 10 times throughout the 3 games, putting Tom almost spot on! Congrats Tom, and I hope you like the shirt. And everyone else go get their favorites, courtesy of the Chris Wheeler Glossary and Cole Hamels


One Response to “And The Winner Of The Chris Wheeler Guessing Game Is…”

  1. Tom Hagen April 6, 2011 at 9:09 pm #

    Hello Chris Wheeler,
    You mentioned the rivalry between Marple and Springfield and the coaches Lou Bonder and Ace Bell being such a great one which it was, but I believe there was even a greater rivalry between both teams and Penncrest during the late 50’s. Most teams wanted to play Penncrest because we were in Lima and they thought we were just a bunch of farmers and an easy win. They didn’t know most of us were from Media-Rose Tree and had been coached in the early 50’s by the same coaches that coached the 1957 Little League PA Champs. In particular our 1959 Penncrest team coached by Bill Kaufman was 9-2 and I believe we beat both Marple and Springfield.
    However, no one has the record books. We would all like to know for sure what the scores were that spring. If you can help or recommend someone to dig up the old records from 52 years ago it would be tremendously appreciated.

    Tom Hagen

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