Roger Federer Is In The Semis…And Andy Roddick Tried, He Really Did

6 Sep

#1 ranked Roger Federer defeated #5 Andy Roddick 7-6, 7-6, 6-2 in Flushing to advance to the semifinals of the US Open, where he will now face Nikolay Davydenko.  If he can defeat Davydenko, which is no small feat, he’ll be playing for his 4th straight US Open victory!   The man is a machine….and I’m sure Andy Roddick felt this way as well.  While Roddick bounced back and forth across the grass, Federer maintained control of the volleys by staying consistent and in a fairly stable spot on the the court.  Roddick tried to overpower Federer with his serve, and he did score 14 aces, he tried to drop shots on him and cut down the size of the court by charging the net, and he tried everything else he could think of, but it just wasn’t enough to take down the best player in the world.

Although he played very close for the first two sets, Roddick couldn’t break Federer.  Roger’s abilities took over and he was able to squirm out of losing the second set.  Roddick gave it his all, but just can’t match up to one Roger Federer.  Federer’s cool as a cucumber demeanor certainly doesn’t hurt him out there, as he’s able to keep his emotions in check and focus on each point but not obsess over an unforced error he might make (of which he hardly makes any).  He is, quite not literally, a machine out there.  His record against Andy Roddick now stands at 14-1 all-time.

And now he faces Nikolay Davydenko, Mister Bet, Mister Can’t Miss This Parlay,  who he’s 9-0 against.  Let’s hope Davydenko’s foot is OK now, one can only think of how the line might move.


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