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Saved By The Bell Mondays

17 Sep

A new addition to the Huge Tiny Mistake lineup, Save By The Bell Mondays will delve into the greatest Saturday morning teen programming in the history of Saturday morning teen programming.  And here’s the classic clip to end all classic clips, Jessie Spano poppin’ pills:


Making Kidd Chris a Glorified Hit Spinner = Insult

17 Sep


It’s either a tremendous insult to their loyal fans, or it’s a lame protest by Kidd Chris. Take your pick.

Well here’s your freaking answer:

Is Kidd Chris mandated to play this many records an hour, or is it some kind of protest? Morning shows don’t even play this much music.

JB , Philadelphia 09/17/07

AThis is it. The show is supposed to include six to nine songs per hour.

Boycott WYSP. Don’t listen to O&A, don’t turn on the music, go to satellite everyone. Radio died 9/17/2007.