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The Phillies And The Standings

18 Sep

NL East

NY Mets  83-66  —  13 games left
PHILLIES  81-69  2.5   12 games left11 games is the magic number for the Mets.  It’s pretty unlikely that the Phillies will take the division without a lot of help from the free-falling Mets.  The Mets have lost 4 in a row,3 of which came by way of your Philadelphia Phillies.  Those Phils have won 5 in a row and are trying to force their way into the playoffs.  If momentum exists, it’s certainly with the boys in red.  Hell, the Phils have completely turned around this season series (Phillies record against the Mets):

  • April: 1-4
  • May: 0-0
  • June: 3-3
  • July: 1-0
  • August: 4-0
  • September: 3-0

Look at that freaking 8-game winning streak…now let’s win against some other teams too.
But don’t forget about the Wildcard:

San Diego Padres  —
PHILLIES           1.5
LA Dodgers        3.0

The Padres and their pitching are just humming along in the midst of a 4 game winning streak, fighting their own battle against the Diamondbacks for the NL West,  and holding the Phillies and Dodgers at bay.  The Dodgers are essentially out of this contest.  It’s nearly impossible to leapfrog two teams with only half a month left to make up a 3 game deficit, but they will certainly try.  And the Phils?  They have a chance to pile up some good wins against some bad teams as they face the Cardinals 2 more times, the Nationals for 7 games and the Braves for another 3 game series.  The Phillies SHOULD be able to give themselves a great shot at the playoffs…they just need a little luck and hope for some bad luck for the Padres.


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