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Kidd Chris Is Sorta Doing Half A Show Now on Fresh 94.1

20 Sep

The first day he came back on the radio, he played almost 9 songs an hour and played one or two old bits going out of commercial breaks. But it seems now that those bits are extending to actually taking some calls again…but Mankaila is still one of them. Still, it’s good to hear Kidd Chris and his cackling sidekick again…even if they are sans Monkeyboy (and Brad Maybe).

Look, it’s cool for Chris that he gets a full paycheck to do half a show, if that. I have no beef with ‘Cobra’. I just wonder if he saw this crash coming? Can anybody who’s actually been listening the past week let me know if Chris outlined his actual thoughts on the whole changeover? He’s one of the biggest guys that said that he always knows when a station is going to go the Jack/Fresh format, and this is essentially the rock version of it.