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Who Says Boxing Is Dead?

24 Sep

With personalities like these, it should be thriving:

Floyd Mayweather and Ricky Hatton are two interesting guys that should appeal to a majority of sports fans…but I guess people just don’t care anymore.  Still, hilarious.


Booing Donovan…You Only Expose Yourself

24 Sep

Why would anyone boo Five?  Because he ‘played the race card’?  As 700 Level stated over the weekend, HBO tapes these things over the offseason and Donovan was asked a question by James Brown, which he answered.   Watch the actual interview…you’ll see a lot more to what was said then what’s being talked about.  I’d rather have a guy answer honestly than have a guy lie.  Would you rather Donovan just ‘shut up’?   He has his opinions and I hope he sticks by them.  Booing him for this is just inane.

Why else would one boo Donovan?  Because he’s stunk?  Is that why there were still smatterings of boos during the game against Detroit?  The game where he threw 4 touchdowns and completed 21 of 26 passes for 381 yards?  Oops.

But they never won anything!!  They lost by 3 points in the Super Bowl and McNabb threw for 351 yds against a pretty vaunted defense.  He also threw 3 TDs (and yes 3 INTs).   But anyone trying to say that McNabb ‘lost’ that game is just being silly, the man put them in a great spot to win against a dynasty.

So what’s left?  He smiles a lot?  He’s in commercials?  I really can’t think of a reason to boo McNabb other than just being a hater.  And we certainly have plenty of those around these parts.   Go ahead, boo.  You only show everyone else what you’re all about.

Phillies and Padres Battle

24 Sep

The Phils may have lost yesterday versus the Nationals, but their 8-2 road trip helped propel them back into the NL East race and deep into the Wildcard chase.  The San Diego Padres are still .5 games ahead but have now lost 3 games in a row.

The momentum is definitely with the Phils the rest of way, despite actually being down in the standings.  The reason?  The schedule is definitely in favor of your pinstriped crusaders, with them having 6 home games against Atlanta and Washington.  Atlanta is a decent team, but the Phils have the advantage of hopefully some good fans.  The Padres, meanwhile travel for their final 7 games to San Francisco and Milwaukee.  The Brewers only chance to make the playoffs is to win every single game they have left, so hopefully the Brewers can try and make a run at it and help the Phillies out.

It would be sick if the Phils and Padres ended up in a tie though…

Saved By The Bell Mondays!

24 Sep

I think it’s time for the obligatory Brokeback parody!