Indians Win, Yankees Done, Torre Gone?

9 Oct

Interesting, if obvious, development.  Indians v Red Sox is bound to be a good matchup, with a slight edge to the Sox due to their experience…but if these divisional series showed anything, it’s that youngsters should not be undervalued or denied.  The Rockies, Diamondbacks, and Indians all rode to the Championship Series based on thrusting young players into vital roles and watching them thrive…and the Red Sox aren’t devoid of young players either.

This is shaping up to be a darn good playoff season, even if the National League portion looks to be vastly inferior to the the American League matchup.  But hey, remember 2006 before you write off the eventual NL winner. You never know who will end up on top of this crap shoot.

Now, on Joe Torre.  Should he be gone?  Should he stay?  That’s really not for me to decide, but all signs point to him not coming back to steer the Yankees.   Steinbrenner warned he’d be gone, there’s been rumors all year that he would be replaced, and there seem to be multiple suitors waiting in the wings (Don Mattingly, Joe Girardi).  If the Bronx Bombers were to replace Torre, that shouldn’t be where they stop retooling.  Their pitching needs to be completely blown up, their minor leagues need a huge boost, and even their lineup gets older and grayer with each fall.  They have two starters (Robinson Cano and Melky Cabrera) under the age of 30, and a lot of dollars tied into the rest of the lineup.  They’ll likely decline to bring back Bobby Abreu, won’t keep Jason Giambi around, and will try to find an eventual replacement for Jorge Posada.  But don’t be surprised if they miss the playoffs next season.  This team just isn’t that great, and it’s bound to get worse as its stars and starters continue to age.


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