Giuliani tells Obama ‘You’re no Reagan’, Nation says ‘No Shit Sherlock’

17 Oct

Oh boy, Rudy Guliani came out FIRING this week, charing that Barack Obama is NOT Ronald Reagan:

“Then he went on to explain that Ronald Reagan negotiated with the communists,” Giuliani said, pausing and sighing. “I say this most respectfully: You’re not Ronald Reagan, you know?”

The audience in a downtown Washington hotel laughed and clapped.

“Here’s what Ronald Reagan did before he negotiated with communists,” the former New York mayor continued. “First he called them the evil empire. Then he took missiles, intermediate-range missiles … and he put them in European cities, and he pointed the missiles at Russian cities with names on them.

“Then he said, in a very nice way, ‘Let’s negotiate.'”

Oh man, he got him there!!!! Let’s create an issue out of nothing and berate Obama about it! That sounds like a good idea…almost as good as Flag Pingate. Obama is definitely no Reagan, dude couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag! OK, so maybe he’s a little bit like Reagan.

Seems to me Obama must be doing something right if certain people are starting to target him with lousy criticism and ridiculous crap such as the above. Guliani is trying to win the Republican nomination, so it seems only right and fair that he blasts a Democratic candidate for stating that he would speak with other nations in the world (gasp!)…that makes complete sense and isn’t at all a non sequitor. Nope, we need to know that Obama will indeed talk to other nations, and we will be worse off for it. Unless, of course, we threaten ’em with annihlation beforehand; then it’s all good in the hood.

And don’t you love that freaking picture ol’ Mayor Rudy? Dude looks like a comic book villain there.


One Response to “Giuliani tells Obama ‘You’re no Reagan’, Nation says ‘No Shit Sherlock’”

  1. froggylove July 27, 2008 at 12:35 am #

    I love this. You go Rudy!

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