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22 Oct

A Wheels 4 HOG Blog update!!!!… YouTube For Everyday Has the 10! Show Muff Clip!

new links: Poker To Watch,Game On, Broad Street Bastards,Jeremy Slater, Sloth Street

Sports Roundup Time: OMG FIELD GOAL RECORD!!! sez With Leather…Let the Johan Santana to the Yankees trade rumors commence, says MLB Trade RumorsDeadspin writes about the Patriots pulling a dick move…It’s from Thursday, but King Kaufmann over at Salon wrote a great piece about the Cleveland Indians bizarre mascot and the red face paint going on in O-HI-O.

A Citizen’s Blog has a great catch-all post, involving Red Sox/Indians, Rowand, and more… Balls, Sticks & Stuff is weighing the pros and cons of Curt Schilling back in the Phillies pinstripes.  On the one hand, pinstripes are slimming but, on the other hand, red doesn’t go with his eyes.  It’s a toss-up…Beerleaguer lets us in on the big news; the Phils are signing independent league players!…Philliesflow is STILL talking Phillies.  This guy must really love these guys…Phuture Phillies is more active than ever, he’s got lots of shit going on over there. Does this guy have a job?…We Should Be GMs is talking Paul Byrd and trade rumors.  Speaking of Byrd, dude loves porn, HGH and mullets.  This guy must throw some sick parties…dajafi over at The Good Phight is talking closers…

ROB NEYER INTERVIEW AT HARDBALL TIMES!…Max Kellerman gets a co-host? writes the Big Lead….Mr. Passion and Pride predicts….This guy bleeds green, so much so he’s willing to recap yesterday’s Eagles game… Christ, the guys at 700 Level talk Eagles too?!?!….Sixers Journal talks about Andre Iguodala…

NBC decides to yank its Youtube channel, and put everything on its own website, thus requiring about 80,000 more clicks to get to the same video clips…

Hey Yo, says  Comcast Center!

adeel takes on that muslim Obama…John Swift is the best…The PA Progressive tips his hat to the gains the Democratic party is making in Montgomery County.  Methinks he should tip his hat to macro-population shifts, but it’s still a good sign…Christ, this is one Angry, Black WomanStephen Colbert Meets the Presscrashburnalley writes about the 9/11 whackjobs that infiltrated Bill Maher’s show this past Friday.  What a bunch of jackasses:


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