Time For The Annual ‘Scrappy McGritty’ Sports Columns

22 Oct

Dustin Pedroia just smacked a 3 run double in the 8th inning to go along with the 2 run bomb into the Green Monster that he hit earlier in the game. His game 7 homer, and subsequent double, is the Series clincher for the Red Sox, propelling them into the World Series to face the Colorado Rockies. Get ready for plenty of columns and articles about how much heart, determination and grit Dustin Pedroia has, and how much he helped his team with said heart, determination and grit. Nevermind that it was a HOME RUN where he hit the ball really really high and far and then jogged gingerly around the bases and a bases-clearing double, it’ll all be about the grit.

See Eckstein, David if you doubt me. I’m not downing Pedroia, since he had a pretty solid season manning second base…it’s just that I’ve noticed that many sportswriters (and fans) want to see themselves in someone, so they pick the short (usually white) guy who they see as someone that could actually be THEM. It’s even better if his teammates start to believe the hype as well, and then credit intangibles such as grit and heart to said player, further feeding the Scrappy McGritty syndrome which has completely overtaken baseball. People see that power and patience is what actually drives runs in, but they want to believe that all the skills they learned in Little League and high school ball actually translate into big time runs and production in the majors.

So get ready Mr. Pedroia, you just might be the next target of the Scrappy McGritty syndrome. Enjoy the exposure and be sure to cash in.


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