The South Carolina Democrats Hate Freedom

1 Nov

Stephen Colbert’s valiant run for the presidency has already been halted on the Democratic side, as the South Carolina Democrats’ executive council decided 13-3 that he will be not be included on the primary ballot:

“The general sense of the council was that he wasn’t a serious candidate and that was why he wasn’t selected to be on the ballot,” said Joe Werner, the party’s director. “There was discussion — I wouldn’t call it a heated debate — but there was discussion about it.”

There is no appeal process, Werner said, adding that the party will certify its ballot as final later Thursday with the South Carolina State Election Commission.

The Democrats had to decide whether they considered Colbert to be a bona fide Democrat who is nationally viable and has spent time campaigning in the state.

I don’t know, would a rally of a thousand enthused backers and a nightly television program with at least 5 minutes devoted to the Doritos campaign count as enough campaigning?  Would a dude who has more outreach to the American public than most of the other candidates count as nationally viable?  He’s definitely more viable than Mike Gravel or Chris Dodd.

So what about the Republican ticket then?

On his show last month, Colbert announced he would run on both the Democratic and Republican primary ballots in his native state of South Carolina.

But the fee to apply to get on the Republican ballot was $35,000, while Democrats asked for only a $2,500 fee or the signatures of 3,000 registered South Carolina voters on a petition.

Damn, 35K?  Colbert should run as an independent.  Voters for Colbert unite! We will not tolerate shutting Stephen out of the presidency!


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