Saint Joseph’s Hawks Season Opener Time

12 Nov

Nov 12th  9pm   vs.  Fair. Dickinson Knights    Preseason NIT

Saint Joseph’s is ready for 2007-08, and it’s going to be the Ahmad Nivins show.  Last year Nivins emerged, being named to A10 All-Conference 1st Team and All Big 5 1st Team.  He averaged 16.6 ppg, 7.6 rebounds, 1 block, 1 steal, and 2.48 turnovers a game.  The biggest part of his game that could improve this season is him working within the offense with his teammates, and being able to pass out of the block to open teammates.  He had only 11 assists all last season, and no doubt was working on this aspect of his game.  He’s already efficient when shooting the rock (63% shooting), now he has to get efficient with his passes.

The Hawks also bring back Pat Calathes and Rob Ferguson to man the frontcourt, with Garrett Williamson and possibly newcomer Tasheed Carr manning the backcourt.  Carr is a transfer from Iowa State who had to sit out last season.  Their former point guard was Jawan Carter, who chose to transfer to Delaware, so that role has to be filled.  Let’s hope that’s Carr.

This team certainly has more experience than last year’s team, and has improved in almost every aspect.  There’s nowhere to go but up from the 18-15 record of last season.  Their goal should be to get to the finals of the A10 tourney and then go from there.   Let’s do it.


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