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Your Philadelphia 76ers Scored 9 Points In The Fourth Quarter

31 Dec

Throughout 3 quarters, the Sixers and the Portland Trailblazers played a pretty tight contest, trading the lead a couple times while playing a defense-oriented game with several bricks on each side.  However, that all changed at the end of the 3rd:

Trailing 63-59 in the third quarter, the Blazers went on (18-12) to hold the 76ers scoreless over the next 8:21. Philadelphia scored just nine points in the fourth quarter.

The Trailblazers extended their winning streak to 13 straight games as they demolished the visiting Sixers.  Sigh.  They WERE doing so well, especially when they went on their own run towards the end of the 1st half.  However, they stagnated on offense at the same time as the Trailblazers went on fire, especially guys like Brandon Roy and Travis Outlaw.  Iguodala dominated the ball, and that failed.  Louis Williams was out of control, both on offense and defense.  They were called for 3 technical fouls.

All in all this was a pitiful game.  They were facings a team that’s been absolutely off the chain, in an arena where the crowd was hot, and they tried to rush their offense.  Nothing fell or went their way.  Gordon Giricek may surface tommorrow versus the Seattle Supersonics, and perhaps the infusion of a new piece could reignite their recent winning ways. Let’s hope.


Saved By The Bell Mondays!!!

31 Dec

Remember the time we guessed who was coming to college?!?! AND IT WAS KELLY?!?! OMG OMG OMG I DO I DO

Kyle Korver Traded To The Utah Jazz

29 Dec

The Sixers get Gordon Giricek and a 1st round pick in return:

“We are excited about acquiring a player of Gordan’s ability, as well as an additional asset in the form of a first-round draft pick,” Stefanski said. “This move will provide us with increased salary cap flexibility this off-season and also allows us to continue our evaluation and development of the young talent we have on this team.”

In his sixth NBA season, Giricek has appeared in 350 games with 191 starts and has posted averages of 9.8 points, 2.5 rebounds and 1.5 assists in 23.6 minutes per game. This season, the 6’6”, 220-pound guard has played in 22 games and averaged 4.3 points and 1.7 rebounds in 12.7 minutes per game, while shooting 40.2% (40-104) from the field and 35.3% (12-34) from three-point range.

This came out of nowhere. I guess the Sixers wanted to give Korver’s minutes to guys like Thaddeus Young and Rodney Carney and see what they have in them. New GM Eddie had this to say about the move of Korver:

“On behalf of the entire Sixers organization, I want to thank Kyle for the positive impact he has made on this team and the city of Philadelphia through his play on the court and, even more importantly, his philanthropic efforts off of it,” Stefanski said.

This guy really blossomed into a decent NBA player. He gave the Sixers something no one else on the team did: three pointers and free throw shooting. I’m not against the idea of stockpiling first rounders and seeing what the newer guys can do out there, I just wonder if the Sixers are now the only team in the league without a three-point threat. Korver was no stud, but he did bring that to the team.

And what about the Kyle Korver bobbleheads damnit?!

On Utah’s end, I can see how they made out there. First, they love shooters. Second, Korver is easy as hell to market. Third, Giricek and Jerry Sloan had been butting heads, and they were looking to unload this guy. He’s been non-existent this year, and Sloan the grouch recently got into a public disagreement with him during a game. So off they ship Giricek to the other side of the United States, and get a decent shooter in a return.

edit: Apparently Giricek is on the last year of his deal, so that explains why the Sixers took him.


29 Dec

Are  the Patriots going to do it?  It’s up to the Giants to try and spoil them.  I’m so watching this game tonight.  BUT WHICH CHANNEL?!  CBS, NBC, or NFL?!

Andre Iguodala’s Present To The Fans

23 Dec

His buzzer-beater against the Grizzlies baby! He came alive in the 4th quarter, scoring 17 of his 23 points, including this amazing shot to win the game 99-97. It’s what stars in the making do…

Saved By The Bell Sundays!!!

23 Dec

Remember the time Slater had a friend?!?! And it was a chameleon?!?!?! I DO I DO

Roy Williams Suspended For Being Himself

18 Dec

Dallas Cowboys Safety Roy Williams went stupid again this past Sunday when he pulled the jersey/shoulder pads of Eagles QB Donovan McNabb.  The NFL just suspended him for one game for this blatant disregard for the rules. Watching the replay shows just how close McNabb actually came to basically having another broken freakin’ leg:

Christ, let’s remember the whole reason the horse-collar tackle ban was put in place:

Many team owners became concerned with the horse-collar tackle earlier this year after it was blamed for causing a higher rate of injury than more traditional tackles. During the 2004 season, several offensive players were sidelined after being horse-collared: Titans wide receiver Tyrone Calico (sprained knees), Ravens running backs Jamal Lewis (sprained ankle) and Musa Smith (compound fracture of the right tibia), and Eagles receiver Terrell Owens (fractured right fibula and torn ligaments). All were brought down by Williams.

Maybe Williams should try to keep the guy IN FRONT of him so he can make a proper tackle and not have to resort to an injury-causing move.