Pat Gillick Is Seeing If Livan Hernandez Likes Him

3 Dec

Pat Gillick, Phillies General Manager (yes, Ruben Amaro hasn’t quite taken over the title yet), is said to be in serious talks with the free agent pitcher, even showing up to the door of the man’s agent.  I wonder if he brought flowers? Let’s just say that good ol’ Livan comes to Philadelphia…what can we expect?

Not much more than any other league-average pitcher.  The man’s extremely low K per 9 ratio, his fairly even groundball/flyball ratio, and his just plain average pitching makes for an average #4 or #5.  And that could’ve been another win or two last season, to be honest.  His K per 9 was a ridiculously bad 3.9, by far the lowest of his career.  That could bounce back, as Bill James predicts in his 2008 projections, simply because it was a big outlier to the rest of his career.

He basically brings a durable arm that isn’t particularly egregious at anything except giving up some line drives.  He doesn’t really throw an excess amount of home runs for the innings he pitches and doesn’t give too many free passes.  A one year deal could certainly be a decent way to go, and would be a welcome replacement in the rotation to Adam Eaton.  Although, we have seen that Gillick likes to bring more than 5 starting pitchers to the start of the season to deal with injuries, so we will still probably see Eaton in the rotation in the season.  He’s average.  I’ll take that.

But first we have to sign this guy.


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