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Billy King Fired By The 76ers, Takes The Blame For All His Coaches’ Failures

4 Dec

Ed Snider finally fired Billy King. King was the President and GM of the team since 2003, as they amassed a 154-191 since he took full leadership of the front office. In that time he locked several sub-par or average players to multi-year deals *cough Willie Green cough* and went through Randy Ayers, Chris Ford, Jim O’Brien, and Maurice Cheeks as coaches. Frankly, it was time for the man to go. He made some good picks in the draft (Andre Iguodala, Louis Williams), but made a lot of iffy deals and re-signings that saddled the team with a sickly amount of talent.

The Sixers named King’s replacement almost immediately, going with former New Jersey Nets GM Ed Stefanski. Stefanski, a Monsignor Bonner High School and UPenn graduate,

The only thing I wonder about is why this happened a fourth of the way into the season and not before the draft. Stefanski might’ve gone a different way than to go for Thaddeus Young and Jason Smith. The most current news out of the papers doesn’t shed much light on the reasoning:

The move comes as somewhat of a surprise, because Snider had signed off on King’s three-stage plan to rebuild the team. That began with the trading of Allen Iverson to Denver last December and the subsequent buyout of the balance of Chris Webber’s contract.

The second stage included the acquisition of Thaddeus Young, Jason Smith, Herbert Hill and the since-waived Derrick Byars in the NBA’s June draft.

My guess is we will find out the reason in the future. Let’s hope, because this seems like a random turnabout on the part of Mr. Snider. In any event, the Sixers have a new beginning, but there’s no reason to expect a miracle out of this guy. The Sixers are several years away from anything meaningful.