Your Philadelphia 76ers Scored 9 Points In The Fourth Quarter

31 Dec

Throughout 3 quarters, the Sixers and the Portland Trailblazers played a pretty tight contest, trading the lead a couple times while playing a defense-oriented game with several bricks on each side.  However, that all changed at the end of the 3rd:

Trailing 63-59 in the third quarter, the Blazers went on (18-12) to hold the 76ers scoreless over the next 8:21. Philadelphia scored just nine points in the fourth quarter.

The Trailblazers extended their winning streak to 13 straight games as they demolished the visiting Sixers.  Sigh.  They WERE doing so well, especially when they went on their own run towards the end of the 1st half.  However, they stagnated on offense at the same time as the Trailblazers went on fire, especially guys like Brandon Roy and Travis Outlaw.  Iguodala dominated the ball, and that failed.  Louis Williams was out of control, both on offense and defense.  They were called for 3 technical fouls.

All in all this was a pitiful game.  They were facings a team that’s been absolutely off the chain, in an arena where the crowd was hot, and they tried to rush their offense.  Nothing fell or went their way.  Gordon Giricek may surface tommorrow versus the Seattle Supersonics, and perhaps the infusion of a new piece could reignite their recent winning ways. Let’s hope.


One Response to “Your Philadelphia 76ers Scored 9 Points In The Fourth Quarter”

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