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31 Jan

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Sam Dalembert Is A Cold-Blooded Killer

31 Jan

The Philadelphia Sixers squashed the Milwaukee Bucks 112-69 last night in a ridiculous game where the Bucks shot 38% from the floor and were unable to penetrate the paint.  Sam Dalembert reveled in this fact:

“You want to see how far you can hold them down,” Dalembert said. “We gave them no life at all.”

Whoa.  Hold back Sammy.  I like you and all, but there’s no need to show us this side of you.  You can get rebounds and play defense without choking someone out.

In any event, Sam’s line tonight wasn’t anything special (12 pts, 6 rebounds, 1 block), but he played good team defense.  He rotated, didn’t get caught wandering around, and laid off the fouls by committing only two in 30 minutes of play.  Good going Sam, just put down the OJ gloves and step away from the throat.  We like you when you’re fun, not when you’re a cold-blooded killer.

Say Goodbye Giuliani

31 Jan

Goodbye Giuliani. How we will miss you so.

At least one Patriots Streak Will End Sunday

29 Jan

But among all the semi-surreal moments, there was one oddity that was very much a product of fact, not fiction: The enormous growth on Mankins’ face that covers far down his neck. The top-flight guard, a first-round pick by New England in 2005, has been growing it since August. In all that time, he hasn’t taken a razor to it to trim it in any way, the hair growing in undulating patterns that resemble some model formed by a wave machine.

“I said I wasn’t going to shave it until we lost this season, so this is where it’s at,” Mankins said, his mouth only visible when it opened amid the growth.

OK, in all honesty, this isn’t some demonic, Charles Manson-like beard. But it’s not pretty … as Mankins knows.

“I can’t wait until Monday,” he said. “Neither can my wife.”

Pedro Feliz Is The Big Answer To All The 3B Problems For Your Philadelphia Phillies

28 Jan

The Philadelphia Phillies and professional hacker Pedro Feliz have agreed to a 2 yr 8.5 million dollar deal, and an option for a 3rd year:

“We haven’t finalized anything, but we have been talking to his representatives,” Phillies assistant general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said late Monday afternoon. “Our offseason quest is still to improve our club in any way we can.”

Phillies manager Charlie Manuel, speaking at the Philadelphia Sports Writers Awards Banquet, sounded more convinced.

“We got better,” Manuel said. “He’s a good defensive player. He’s got power. He’ll hit probably sixth, seventh, somewhere in there. He’ll continue to hit 20 homers. I think putting him down in our lineup will help him. He was called on to hit in the middle of the lineup in San Francisco. A couple years ago, he might’ve been pressing to do too much because they had Barry Bonds there.”

The holdup to the finalization of this deal is that Amaro is basically deciding with Pat Gillick who they are going to cut to add him to the 40-man roster. The opinions of the fans have been mixed (courtesy

ESPN headline: Phillies fill third base hole, agree to deal with Feliz
Fixed: Phillies keep digging third base hole, agree to deal with Feliz


5 straight 20+ HR yrs while playing most of his games in Pac Bell/SBC/ATT/Verizon/CokeBottle Park, he’ll hit 7th or 8th depending on where they put Ruiz/Coste, he moves Helms to the bench, he can play a couple of games at 1B if necessary, he has playoff experience, and he didn’t cost a draft pick. I’m OK with it…

i think in general the move doesnt make the phillies worse… just dumber.
for the reasons of yeah he has good power, yeah his obp is laughable, yeah he plays great defense, yeah maybe his loose bat will not be as exposed in a better lineup… it might be a lateral move on the field.
but now it just adds another year of having a “hole” at 3B…

stupid parallel move. makes the offense a game or two worse and the defense a game or two better. not worth spending money on, and not worth making a deal for 2009. there is no reason to clog up 2009 based on him.

So what do I think? I think he’ll be a slight upgrade over Nunez/Dobbs/Helms, but he’s no great shakes. He’s a below-average hitter, as his career 84 OPS+ shows(100 is average). He’s a terrific defensive third baseman, but does that make up for his horrible patience at the plate? Somewhat, but that’s only because of the trash that was thrown out at third base the past couple seasons. Feliz is not a big upgrade, he’s a VERY small upgrade…VERY small. It seems like a waste of money, to be honest. We could’ve spent no money and gotten production that was only a little worse. Considering I feel a large part of offense is getting on base, his horrendous .288 career OBP is worrisome. His career EQA (basically an offensive metric which attempts to put everything together independent of park and league effects) is .244. .260 is league average, FWIW. Helms’ career EQA is .263.

Basically, we are trying to prolong the agony and keep plugging that hole with cheap solutions. First it was Abe Nunez, who had half an OK season and so we gave him a multi-year deal. Then it was Wes Helms, who had done well as a spot-starter in Florida but hadn’t proved much else. Now it’s Pedro Feliz, a guy that has been given regular time in San Francisco and who hasn’t really shown anything except for an ability to smack a home run or two and to wield a good glove. We don’t have any third base prospects worth mentioning, either. Feliz is our guy for 2 years, and he’s 32 now with no reason to suggest he’ll improve at this age. Yippee? I just don’t see the point. We could’ve just signed nobody and had a similar output.  It’s  a cheap screwup, and he improves our defense, but it still shows a bad mindset.

Saved By The Bell Sundays!!!

27 Jan

Remember the time the original cast got too old to be in any more episodes of a high school tv show?  And remember when a bunch of random kids were in a ‘New Class’?!?!?! I DO I DO

Allen Iverson Is Starting For The Western Conference

25 Jan

Yes, everybody’s favorite ‘6’ footer is once again going to the All-Star game…and this time it’s for the Western Conference:

Iverson rallied to pass Houston’s Tracy McGrady in the final weeks of voting to earn his first start since moving to the Western Conference early last season. He started seven straight All-Star games while playing for Philadelphia, but fell short last year after the 76ers dealt him to the Nuggets in December 2006.

The two-time MVP of the All-Star game beat McGrady by 10,410 votes for the second guard spot and will make his ninth appearance on Feb. 17 in New Orleans.

“It’s a good feeling. I think it’s a tribute to my teammates and coaching staff because without those guys none of that would be possible,” Iverson said in a statement. “But most of all I just want to thank the fans for appreciating what I go out and do on the court night in and night out. It’s just a great feeling and an honor, and I’m just looking forward to trying to play the best that I can play for the fans.”

He had been a starter for 7 straight years as a Sixer before being dealt last year and not making the team as a result of his topsy-turvy season. Good for Allen.