Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee Go To Iowa, Get Them Some Delegates

4 Jan

Barack Obama goes to Iowa and takes home a decent chunk of the Democratic caucus goers, while Mike Huckabee goes over Mitt Romney and everyone else by leaps and bounds. This is only good news for any Democrats out there, as it’s pretty unrealistic right now that Mr. Huckabee goes to Washington. Does anyone seriously think that this man is a President?

Obama took the lead in voters who had never attended a caucus before, people who weren’t married, people making under 15K and tied with Senator Hilary Clinton for people making 15-30K. He also took the ‘very liberal’ and ‘somewhat liberal’ crowd, and the ‘can bring change’ crowd. In other words, Obama SWEPT the young person vote. He won 57% of the vote of those under 29, and 42% of those between 30 and 44. He also took the urban vote, for what that’s worth in Iowa. The man is setting up for something big, that’s for damn sure.

Oh, and my boy Senator Joe Biden got 1% of the delegates and 5% of the actual voters. He was 5th behind Bill Richardson, who ended up getting 2% of the delegates and 7% of the voters. Senator Chris Dodd got a bag of potato chips as a consolation prize. He and Joe Biden are reportedly dropping out of the race. Nice try Joe, I liked you.


One Response to “Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee Go To Iowa, Get Them Some Delegates”

  1. dajafi January 4, 2008 at 2:20 am #

    Hadn’t seen that about Obama winning the <$15k households–great note. I thought he was solely the candidate of overeducated snobby leftish jerks like me… glad to be wrong.

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