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Your Philadelphia Phillies Say Jayson Is Werth It

8 Jan

This story required the obligatory bad pun.  Jayson Werth and the Philadelphia Phillies have come to terms on a 1 year, 1.7 million dollar deal for 2008.  He’s going to split time with Geoff Jenkins, as Jenkins is a lefty hitter and Werth mashed lefties last season and has an 863 OPS against lefties for his career.   He’s not exactly an all-star, but he’s a quality bench player who can start a couple games now and then.  Werth fills out an outfield of LF Pat Burrell, CF Shane Victorino, and RF Geoff Jenkins.  So Taguchi and Chris Snelling are also going to be pencilled in now and then, with both of them being acquired during the offseason.

Can you believe that it’s almost Spring Training already?  Less than two months away…