Your MLB Commish Is Still Bud Selig

17 Jan

The face of the owners was recently given a 3 year extension:

Selig, who has been in charge of MLB since 1992, had repeatedly said since December 2006 that he would retire at the end of 2009 and that his mind couldn’t be changed.

“This is clearly it,” he said after the latest extension was approved in a unanimous vote on the final day of a two-day owners’ meeting. “I could say this without equivocation.”

Many will chide this decision.  They will say he is nothing more than a puppet of the owners.  That he’s awful for the sport. Oh, and he’s evil and doesn’t care about steroids or anything.

Well, yes he’s a puppet of the owners.  They hired him, they can fire him, they pay his salary.  It has ALWAYS been that way.  Major League Baseball is not just some theoretical universe where baseball is played.  It is a business designed to make money.  Selig is the middle management of said business.  The players are the workers and have their union.  He is not to look out for the best interests of the fans who dislike him, he is supposed to look out for the best interests of the business.  This means his role is to make money.  He does not care what your grandfather thinks about today’s game, he cares that he gets your spending cash.

And what has he done?

-Well, the wildcard was the first thing, which has reinvigorated interest for many fans throughout the length of a season.

-He was handed a horrible situation with the player’s strike in 1994, and was crucified for canceling the World Series.  What was he to do?  The owners refused to budge and it took the courts to step in.  I’m not exactly sure what Selig could’ve done to actually prevent anything.

-He’s also presided over a rejuvenated fan base, one that attends games more than ever, packing stadiums across the nation at higher prices than ever.

-Implemented a fairly progressive steroids testing program.  No HGH testing, but there is no reliable test.  The Olypmics has the best testing in the world, but they don’t have a union with which they have to compromise.

Fay Vincent was probably the fairest commish that baseball ever had.  And he was fired for it (oh I’m sorry, ‘he resigned’).  The owners disliked that he was blunt, opinionated and fair.  They’ve probably told Selig what he can and cannot do, and his hand are tied.  On the other side he has a union which is still strong and has competent leadership in Donald Fehr.  I’m honestly not quite sure what people expect Bud Selig to do with his role.  He’s already done about as much as he can.  Day games everyday?  Low ticket prices?  Hard salary cap? What?


One Response to “Your MLB Commish Is Still Bud Selig”

  1. Adeel January 19, 2008 at 1:38 pm #

    I think Selig’s image has become better and better over the years. He took over at a bad time, just before the ’94 strike, which is partly why he had an awful rap for years.

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