Newsflash: The Internets Has Scams And Disinformation

21 Jan

Veteran newsman Larry Kane apparently has his own website where he gives opinions on various happenings, sort of like every other blog out there in the world wide interwebs.  He recently found out, by putting his feet to the pavement and digging up the truth, that the information superhighway may include some unscrupulous people spreading untruths:

What a bunch of information garbage. I don’t blame the customer, but I DO blame people who read very bad rumor and innuendo on the web and decide that it has to be true. The phony report on Starbucks goes back to 2004. Old story – new spin. Also being featured on the web – those phony reports on Barack Obama’, John Edwards, Mike Huckabee and of course the Hate Hillary sites, and the attacks on Mitt Romney’s Mormonism, and so many more.

These reports are laughable and at the same time scary, because people spread them like wildfire.

The web is a great resource, but edit your information carefully. Many sites and messages are filled with hatred and distortions that are fueled by political manipulators .

NEWSFLASH AT 11!! Welcome to 1995 Larry.  He does offer some advice for his readers:

Don’t believe everything you read, unless, of course, it is printed here!

I believe you Larry. Your eyebrows are trustworthy.  Everybody go to Larry’s blog to get the real scoop on whether Dick Cheney is a cyborg or if Barack Obama is an American-hating Muslim.  And also go to him for all your Beatles information, he’s an expert on the band.


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