The Sixers Are 2-9 In Jaunary

21 Jan

at Utah Jazz 107-110 LOSS
at Los Angeles Lakers  93-124  LOSS
at Denver Nuggets 96-109  LOSS
vs Milwaukee 83-87  LOSS
at Toronto Raptors 96-109 LOSS
vs Chicago Bulls 97-100  LOSS
at San Antonio Spurs 82-89  LOSS
at Houston Rockets 111-107   WIN
at Boston Celtics 89-116 LOSS
vs Toronto Raptors 99-95  WIN
vs Indiana Pacers 103-110 LOSS

They are scheduled to face the Detroit Pistons, New York Knicks, Charlotte Bobcats, and Milwaukee Bucks through the rest of January.  3 of these are definitely winnable games, but Cheeks has been giving good minutes to younger guys that just have to play through losses until it all clicks.   In the meantime, the fans are stuck with a mediocre and maddening, if at times exciting, product.


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