The maturation process of Andre Iguodala Continues

24 Jan

The man who is the Sixers present and possibly its future, guard Andre Iguodala, has started to learn that he can just let the offense flow and let things come to him:

Now in his fourth season – but the first with such high expectations – Iguodala acknowledges that he was guilty earlier in the season of trying to do too much on the court.

“I was forcing passes, trying to force things that weren’t there,” Iguodala said.

That was evident by his turnovers. Early in the season, he was averaging more than five turnovers per game. Now, he is averaging three turnovers and 4.6 assists, along with 19.1 points, 5.6 rebounds and 2.3 steals.

More than anything, Iguodala is trying to stay more within his limits on the court.

I did notice anecdotally that our main man had been forcing less passes and drives to the hoop.  The numbers definitely bear it out.  Now, this hasn’t led to any more wins, but learning that Andre is playing within himself is another step towards a winning team.  Putting too much pressure on himself only leads to frustration and bad play.  As he develops his own game, develops trust in his teammates, and sees his teammates improve, the wins will eventually come.

That is, if he signs next season.  He IS a restricted free agent, though I don’t see where he’d go.  The Sixers are able to match any offer, and can offer more money than any other team.  He’s not going to just randomly sign with the Celtics or anything, so it looks like he just figured he would be able to get more money next season than if he signed this past offseason.  He could be right considering he’s slowly showing new aspects to his game.  He’s taken over several 4th quarters, has cut down on the turnovers, and has improved his jumper.  He’s going to get paid, and hopefully the Sixers will be able to lock him down for the next few years during his prime balling years.


2 Responses to “The maturation process of Andre Iguodala Continues”

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