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The New York Football Giants Win Super Bowl XLII

3 Feb

17-14. Will this be the Philadelphia Eagles next season?


Frank Mir v Brock Lesnar: FULL VIDEO

3 Feb

Watch it before it’s taken down:

A couple thoughts. It’s only Lesnar’s 2nd fight. He looks like he could dominate several heavyweights if he learns how to take control and what it takes on the ground. His wrestling background really helps him in taking a guy down, but he didn’t seem to know what to do when he was there. Mir, on the other hand, was at home on his back, always looking to try to lock up Brock.

That stoppage did help Mir though. The stoppage was right, but I thought the point deduction was BS. Lesnar hit him once, accidentally, in back of the head when Mir turned his head (on purpose?). No way should a point have been deducted. Also, Lesnar didn’t know what to do when Mir was on his back and Lesnar was standing up. He could’ve tried to thrown him over and gotten Mir turned around. Instead, he just kind of stood there.

All in all, it looks like Lensar kind of was overmatched in his first major fight. He probably should’ve been matched up with some lesser opponents to start off, and then faced a big name. Still, he showed a lot of potential, and he looks like he knows what he’s doing.