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Philadelphians Think Chris Webber Sucks

10 Feb had a poll up over the weekend which asked which Western Conference team had the best pickup.  It broke down thusly:

1. Los Angeles getting Pau Gasol

1285 (63.1%)
2. Golden State getting Chris Webber

24 (1.2%)
3. Phoenix getting Shaquille O’Neal

349 (17.1%)
4. San Antonio getting Damon Stoudamire

105 (5.2%)
5. Utah getting Kyle Korver

272 (13.4%)

Yep.  Chris Webber got 24 votes.  I think 20 of them were friends and relatives with access to the internet.  Sorry Chris, I guess you just didn’t make an impact.  Now, if the question was relating to who will be the first to become unhappy in his state role, Chris would likely top the list.


Check For Philadelphia’s 150 Most Violent Criminals

10 Feb

At the Philadelphia Police Department’s website. They put up pictures and profiles of the offenders in order to try and catch these guys (and two gals).  So check for anyone you might know and might be able to call in.  It’s all anonymous and there’s no catch.  Do it!

Saved By The Bell Mondays!!!

10 Feb

Remember the time the gang all got class rings but they turned out to be fakes?!?!!? I DO I DO