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Obama Time! McCain Central!

12 Feb

Obama v McCain


This is basically the young (40s is young in national politics) versus old (70s is pretty old). Obama has the youngsters behind him, keeps brining in more and more Democrats, and has a message of ‘hope’. McCain’s speech tonight had old man John Warner, and no one else under the age of 50, up there with him, and called hope ‘rhetoric’ and ‘platitudes’. It’s going to be tough, in my opinion, to run AGAINST hope and to run as the anti-hope candidate. I realize McCain is all about tough choices and straight talk, but this talk may be too straight for him to overcome. McCain has a lot of experience, but with that experience comes a lot of votes and positions that can come back to haunt him. Just look at how his own party has been treating his impending nomination. Obama’s inexperienced, but his amazing orator skills are also slowly stepping to the side as he starts to bring in more and more of his views on the future and on what he thinks our country can accomplish. He doesn’t need much beyond so-called rhetoric to beat Hilary Clinton, but in the main election he will need to appeal to voters looking for more substance. And I think he can do that.

But that’s just my view, and what the hell do I know? Any opinions out there? Am I stepping over Clinton too soon?


Kidd Chris on the 11 O’Clock News

12 Feb

Seems CBS3 had a minute to fill…

Roger Clemens To Commence Lying Under Oath In….

12 Feb

One day. Let’s hear it Roger.