The Sixers Are Beating The Orlando Magic

27 Feb

The Sixers up and rolled past the Orlando Magic this past night 101-89.  They got up early and never let the Magic take the lead, burying them and not letting them get within spitting distance.  Willie Green, Andre Miller and Andre Iguodala decided to score 76 points between the three of them and carry the Philadelphia 76ers on their backs.   They also combined for 21 assists.  The bench didn’t exactly do much, but the three-headed monster did shoot 29-54 total.  Not bad. My boy Sammy Dalembert also contributed 12 boards.

The Sixers are now 26-32 and have cemented their hold on the 7th spot in the Eastern Conference.  Their below .500 record may indeed get them into the playoffs where they would likely get bounced out by Detroit Pistons or Boston Celtics.  But hey, it’s better than not getting there, I guess.


One Response to “The Sixers Are Beating The Orlando Magic”

  1. Dannie February 29, 2008 at 5:30 pm #

    Great win, was at the game and this team needs more support. There is no reason for people not to be happy this team WILL be in the playoffs. Or for Philly to have by far the worst attendance in the NBA when teams like Memphis and Seattle clearly have packed it in.

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