Mayor Michael Nutter Is The Coolest Mayor Ever

4 Mar

He not only raps, he also watches The Wire.  And he’s hosting a freakin’ viewing party for the series finale at City Hall on Sunday:

“As a fan it’s tremendous,” said Nutter, who squeezed in a viewing of the season opener in the jam-packed days before his inauguration. “I want to say thank you to HBO for responding.”

Wendell Pierce, the actor who portrays affable Detective Bunk Moreland, is scheduled to attend. Nutter hopes other actors from the show will sign on also.

(We’re keeping our fingers crossed for Michael Kenneth Williams, AKA Omar Little.)

City Representative Melanie Johnson said that after the 8 p.m. screening in the Mayor’s Reception Room, Nutter will host a question and answer session with the actors. 

HBO has sanctioned the event and will be providing technical support, said Johnson. The Greater Philadelphia Film Office is also working with Nutter on the project.

Johnson said the roughly 100 tickets for the screening would be evenly divided between invited guests and the general public. She said the city hopes to do a ticket raffle through the Philadelphia Daily News, the Inquirer, Al Dia and the Philadelphia Tribune.

Coolest. Idea. Ever.  I only wish that were 1000 tickets and not 100.  Mayor Nutter already has my re-election vote, should I be able to vote.  And he should get yours too.  I think Bunk and McNulty have actually already stated they’re backing him.  Mayor Carcetti is thinking campaigning for him as well.


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