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All signs point to righthander Adam Eaton as the fifth starter.

24 Mar



Boy Meets World Mondays!!!

24 Mar

Remember the time the gang were involved with a quiz show?!?!?! AND THEY WERE GOOD?!  BUT IT GOT DUMBER AND DUMBER?! I DO I DO

Stephen Colbert Wants You To Donate Money To PA Teachers

20 Mar

Our main man Stephen Colbert recently challenged his viewers to donate money on behalf of their favorite Democratic candidate (Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton) which would then go to buy supplies and such for Pennsylvania teachers.  GO DO IT, IF YOU’VE GOT THE BALLS:

The Philadelphia 76ers Just Hit .500

20 Mar

Your Philadelphia 76ers  up and defeated the Denver Nuggets 115-113, ruining the return of Allen Iverson to his former stomping grounds. Iverson, for his part, scored 32 points and had 8 dimes, while the Sixers were led by Andre Miller with 28 points and 12 assists.  The two guards were both hitting their shots tonight and all over the court, but the Sixers got more help off the bench (Sixers bench had 30 to the Nuggets’ 16).  Sammy Dalembert also had a terrific night, scoring 17, grabbing 12 boards and swatting 5 shots to help contribute to this win.

It was good to see Allen playing in the Wachovia Center, even if it was as a Nugget.  He looked just as good as ever on the offensive side of things, and was nothing special on defense except for playing the passing lanes well.   His ability to drive to the basket was matched by his increased shooting accuracy.  I was happy to see the Sixers win, of course, but was also glad to see Allen get his.

This win propelled the Sixers to .500 for the first time since November 7th.  These guys are on FIRE, having won 4 straigh and, 8 of 9 in March.  Not bad, not bad at all.  They’re really hitting their stride at a good time, and only the Houston Rockets, who just had their 22 game win streak snapped by the Boston Celtics, are hotter right now.  The Sixers are currently holding onto the 7 seed and are only half a game out of the 6 spot.  They could give a team like the Orlando Magic a run for their money, provided they do all they can to contain Dwight Howard.


The Barack Obama Speech

18 Mar

‘A More Perfect Union’

Colbert Report In Philadelphia Already Sold Out!

18 Mar

It was just announced yesterday and yet it’s already freakin’ sold out! April 14th to 17th is gonna be freakin’ sweet.

The Philadelphia Inquirer Doesn’t Believe In The American Commerce Center

17 Mar

Joseph N. DiStefano, accomplished business reporter for the Philly Inquirer, recently pooh-poohed the proposal of the American Commerce Center:

   A 1,500-foot tower at 18th and Arch?
With no known financing, no office tenant, a weak credit market, and 20 years of stagnant Center City commercial property markets?
“Ridiculous,” says Glenn Blumenfeld, a partner at office-tenant representative Tactix Real Estate Advisors in Radnor.
“A dream,” says David J. Campoli, regional manager for office landlord HRPT Properties Trust.
But someone drew up a nice sketch, and someone else told a pleasant story, and you can read it here.
“Everybody would love to see it. And it’s the last good block of space in that neighborhood. But, until you have a tenant, and with the capital markets so jittery, I think we have to let it cook for awhile,” said  H. Hetherington Smith, branch manager for tenant rep Studley.

Yeah, so he’s no fan.  He also wrote in a comment that it’s largelly an ‘exercise in architectual drawing and in hype, and I’m happy to give and the Business Journal the glory for that. ‘  Well, except that Walnut Street Capital is financing the project, and while they haven’t released financing for it yet, there’s no doubt that they have the ability to back this thing.

I would also argue that many a building has been proposed and come to fruition without initially telling the public about how it will be built. It’s also not a pie in the sky proposal in regards to vacany rates (getting lower and lower every year) and premium office space (Comcast Center and Cira Center have not overloaded the market to the point where there is any sort of glut).  Sure, one has to be cautious in going too far to say it’s a done deal, but it’s far from a ‘dream’, especially with how business has picked up in the central business district in the past 10 years.