Colbert Report In Philadelphia: Day 1

14 Apr

TONIGHT: Chris Mathews, John Legend and Mayor Michael Nutter

OH BOY FOLKS! Here we go! Montco man Chris Matthews, terrific performer John Legend, and our main man, the man with the plan, the man with the funny name and even funnier nose, mayor of Philadelphia Michael Nutter are all going to be going toe-to-toe with one Stephen Colbert.

Tomorrow? America-hating limousine liberal elitist Michell Obama! From the OFFICIAL Indecision 2008 blog:

After you’re done writing off your last pointed tip bolo knife purchase (whoever said being a Laotian hitman would come back to bite you at tax time?) be sure to catch Michelle Obama’s tax night (April 15) appearance on The Colbert Report — part of “The Colbert Report: Doritos Spicy Sweet Pennsylvania Primary Coverage From Chili-Delphia – The City of Brotherly Crunch!”

Will the Colbert bump affect Barack Obama’s candidacy? It certainly helped Mike Huckabee! He’s well on his way to being the vice presidential candidate of the Republicans. The man went from an unknown Southern governor afterthought to #2 in the Republican race. Not bad, and all thanks to the magic that is The Colbert Report.

Tune in 11:30 PM eastern time to Comedy Central for all the truthiness you can handle!


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