Pat Burrell Is Man And Machine

17 Apr

Remember during spring training when we all debated whether Pat Burrell is actually man or if he is, in fact, machine? Well, Pat is showing that he’s the best of both as he’s started off the 2008 season with a bang. The left fielder went and jacked his 6th homer of the season in a 10-2 trouncing of the Houston Astros yesterday. After finishing the 2007 season with such a terrific 2nd half, he hasn’t slowed down AT ALL. The man looks confident up there, is laying off junk as usual, and is bashing anything hit over the plate. Just check out his rankings in the National League thus far:

AVG: 373 (6th)
OBP: 484 (3rd)
SLG: 836 (1st)
OPS: 1.296 (1st)

HR: 6 (tied for 1st)
RBI: 17 (1st)
BB: 13 (tied for 3rd)

VORP: 11.2 (4th)
EQA: .392 (1st)

Ho hum. Not too shabby folks.
Keep it up Pat. We may just be crowning our 3rd MVP in a row…ok, I might be jumping the gun just a bit. Still, what a hot start.  And to the haters?  Remember when some of us said Pat wasn’t so bad, and was actually pretty good?  Pat sez check the pic.


One Response to “Pat Burrell Is Man And Machine”

  1. Bill B. April 21, 2008 at 4:14 pm #

    Pat Burrell needs to be given a three-year extension by the Phillies. I wouldn’t even mind a six- or a fifteen-year contract… Ryan Howard’s going to be out of here by 2011 and we can move Patrick to first base.

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