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Kidd Chris Is Now In Commercials

28 Apr

Cobra and Connie are famous!


Mike Lieberthal To Be A Phillie Again On June 1st

28 Apr

A staple of this franchise for over a decade is going to be coming back June 1st:

Mike Lieberthal, who spent 13 of his 14 major league seasons as a catcher with the Phillies, will retire as a member of the organization on June 1, the Phillies announced today.

Nice little tribute to the man whose hitting I enjoyed watching for some time. People forget that he was an all-star and has several pretty good offensive seasons before his knees just CRUMBLED (and literally just broke in a game in Arizona).

Lieby himself seems excited too:

“Philadelphia has always been a second home to me, so I’m really looking forward to this,” Lieberthal said in a statement. “I spent half my life there and still follow the team closely on television.”

Hope there’s a good celebration at a game.