Links For Linking

1 May

Time to go linking, been a while.

New to the lineup: Keeping Up Foreign Relations, On The DL, The Recliner GM, happy pete’s traveling adventures, Crooks and Liars, Indecision 2008, Walkoff Walk, foodcourtlunch, Where’s He Get The Mask?, Deep Sixer

Awful Announcing sez Michelle Tafoya is a tad hypocritcal…More Costas Now fallout, with Will Leitch going on the Best Damn Sports Show Period and this guy putting the blam on lil’ Bob Costas…

Chris Paul would rather shoot a 300 game in bowling than score 50 points on the basketball court. Side note: Chris Paul is my new favorite basketball player…God, the Giants suck…Roger Clemens was horny, really horny…Hey, what about Desean Jackson?  WELL HERE’S A FREAKING STORY ABOUT HIM!…Wolf Pack sighting tonight at CBP???…

Ambition, Impatience and Sloth is all about policy, policy, policy!  But what about flag pins you commie whackjob?!…At least the GOP doesn’t bother with policy anymore…Field Negro is on Vince Fumo’s analogy about slavery and anti-gay amendments…adeel on uneducated buffoons and gas prices…phillyskyline is updating us on projects…Watch this piece about Scientology on Philadelphia Will Do for hilarious comments…OMGZ!!!!1 Demi Moore!!! WITH HER DAUGHTER! IN PHILLY!!! EATING FOOD!! PLEASE TELL ME MORE!!!…Nelson Mandela is on the freakin’ terrorist watch list. *cough*  And Attytood is against family values such as preventing our nation from falling into a pit of sin and depravity by not allowing gays to publicly screw in front of little children! Despicable.

Beerleaguer on things changing…Philliesflow interviews a Braves fan…traitor…David Murphy writes about Charlie Manuel perhaps being the glue that held this team together during April…Post about CBP here


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