The Boston Celtics Sort Of Won Yesterday

5 May

No comment on this score:

The skirmishes of the first six games boiled over with 9 minutes, 9 seconds left in the third quarter, with Boston already leading 51-28, when Rondo got the ball on a breakaway in the third quarter and had only Marvin Williams to beat.

Yes, they won 99-65 and held the Atlanta Hawks to 26 points in the 1st half. Only two Hawks players, Joe Johnson and Salim Stoudamire, managed to amass double-digit point totals and the team shot 29.3% from the field for the game. 29.3%. I have never seen a shooting percentage that low. NEVER. I’d say it was a pathetic showing by the Hawks but I promised I wouldn’t comment.

Next up for the hated Celtics will be the Cleveland Lebrons, er Cavaliers. Perhaps the Celtics have exercised their demons with this long series against the Hawks. This series against the Cavaliers could go down like butter with them sweeping or winning in 5, or they could have another long series which requires a game 7 victory. I would pick the latter simply because Lebron James CAN win you a game or two in every playoff series by himself. The man averaged 29.8 pts, 9.5 rebounds and 7.7 assists against the Wizards.

In any event, I’ll be rooting for a Cavaliers/Orlando Magic conference finals. I’ve had it with the Detroit Pistons and I don’t like the Boston Celtics. The Western Conference is where it’s at anyway.


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