Tom Hanks Finally Picks a Side: He’s An Obama Man

6 May

It’s been the talk of the nation: who will Tom Hanks vote for in the presidential race? Will he go for Hillary Clinton’s ties to her husband’s 90s presidency? Or would the venerable actor back McCain’s senatorial experience? Or would he perhaps go with a message of change and pick the senator from Illinois? Well folks, he’s made his decision. End the discussion. Stop the rumor mill. He’s picked a side.

IT’S OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here’s more: “As an official celebrity, I know my endorsement has just made your mind up for you.”

You certainly have Tom. Thank you. Surely Indiana voters heard of this selection off the wire and headed to the polls in large numbers and pulled that lever for one Barack Obama. We’ve got the official celebrities like Tom Hanks and Sheryl Crow, not fake celebrities like Perez Hilton.

Well, Mrs. Clinton did get one celebrity endorser that I would call a real one, unfortunately:



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