Scott Mathieson’s Arm Is Falling Off

12 May

Maybe this guy needs to develop some technical or computer skills because this pitching thing ain’t working out. Scott Mathieson is still being bothered by setbacks from his Tommy John surgery and it could affect the future of his floundering career:

Mathieson, the team’s 17th-round pick in 2002, has seen team physician Michael Ciccotti and noted orthopedic surgeons Lew Yocum, who performed the first surgery, and James Andrews, who will perform the second surgery, for opinions on his right elbow. His latest MRI shows the ligament is intact, but stretched out. Andrews will scope the elbow first, but Phillies athletic trainer Scott Sheridan said a second Tommy John is most likely.

Mathieson could be a good reliever or average starter if his body would cooperate. Sadly this may not be in the cards for the Phillies, and perhaps Mathieson might have to give up his dream of being a big league pitcher. There are some success stories, but it looks like most people who have multiple Tommy John surgeries just don’t resurface as major league talent.

Good luck to Scott, but I’m wondering if he should put himself through this sort of long, slow process again. He may just not be built to do this stuff.


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