Stephen Colbert Controls The Internet

12 May

He’s getting a Webby Award for his special achievement!!!  Check it out:

Stephen Colbert will be honored for the innovative way he has used the Internet to interact with fans of The Colbert Report – from Google bombing to make him the top search result for “greatest living American” to challenging the “truthiness” of Wikipedia. In his presidential campaign, the “One Million Strong for Stephen T. Colbert” Facebook group attracted more than 78 members per minute in its first week, while his supporters have raised more than $250,000 for the education charity

Stephen Colbert has finally been recognized by the most impressive awards show that deals with the internet. Colbert has changed the way his fans interact with his television program.  He deserves kudos for that. Other media outlets seem to ignore the way that Colbert rules, and even attempt to mock him:

Despite aggressive campaigning on Larry King Live, Today and his own show, the voters have spoken — and the winner is not Stephen Colbert. The falsely outraged host will reportedly address this slight on his eponymous pretend cable news program later this evening.

Dicks. Colbert is your god.


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