King Cole Hamels Makes It Look Too Easy

16 May

Mr. Cole Hamels up and dominated last night in a game that took only 2 hours and 13 minutes. He went the distance, giving up only 4 hits and walking 2 batters in 9 innings.  Mr. Hamels’ ERA now sits at 2.89 and he has 54 Ks in 65.1 IP. The only downside was it took 120 pitches to get there, and manager Charlie Manuel has been keeping Hamels in the game longer than last season, such as when he threw 121 pitches against Milwaukee on April 23rd.  I would hope that Manuel keeps an eye on this and makes sure Hamels doesn’t routinely hit 120.  This isn’t the 50s when teams would run a pitcher ragged and ride him until he breaks.

Still, it’s a great sign that Hamels has been pitching so well, considering he’s the anchor of this rotation.  He’s been the only consistently good starter on this team. With the other four being so up and down it’s great to have a probable win every 5 games.

Oh, and he had 2 more hits and is hitting .320 for the season.  It always helps to have the pitcher collect a couple of hits and be more than an absolute void at the bottom of the lineup.


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