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Laz Diaz Had Places To Be

19 May

Our main man Laz Diaz, umpire to the stars, was behind the plate for yesterday’s marathon game between the Phillies and the Toronto Blue Jays.  There were two rain delays and plenty of downtime, but Laz impressed me with the amount of horrible calls he made.  At one point he had to actually yell at the Phillies dugout to tell them to shut up about how shitty his eyesight was.  Let’s go to the videotape:

To discuss your appreciation of how well one Laz Diaz does his job, go here. Everybody’s favorite umpire should be lauded for the way he expanded yesterday’s strike zone throughout the game, to the point where a pitch almost grazing the dirt wound up being marked a strike. Laz, I appreciate you.


Boy Meets World Mondays!!!

19 May

Remember the time Cory had to create a personal history for himself as if he were returning for his high school reunion?!?!?! OMG THE HILARITY