Michael Bourn Is 15th In All-Star Voting For Outfielders

28 May

It seems Houston Astros fans know how to access the world wide interwebs. Michael Bourn has been their centerfielder for the 2008 season, and apparently is on the 2008 All-Star ballot:

Left fielder Carlos Lee, who entered Wednesday leading all NL outfielders with 45 RBIs, was seventh among the league’s outfielders in total votes with 205,247. Hunter Pence was 10th with 168,005. Michael Bourn was 15th with 141,940.

Uh. First of all, why the hell is all-star voting even going on right now?  How can one decide the best first half players in the middle of May? Secondly, Michael Bourn is a horrible baseball player.  Just wretched.  The numbers say all that has to be said:

190 AB, .218 avg, 280 OBP, 311 SLG = 591 OPS

3 doubles, 3 triples, 3 homers, 17 BB to 46 Ks

23-26 SB

WHOA!  AMAZING!!!!  Certainly worthy of nearly 142 K votes by late May…his 591 OPS is good for 3rd worst in the Major Leagues. His OBP is tied for 5th worst. He IS the worst offensive outfielder in the major leagues since Austin Kearns of the Washington Nationals injured himself. Really, the only players worse have lost playing time, but the Astros insist on sending Bourn out there to suck up the joint.

OOOOO, but he’s speedy boy! Gotta vote for him!


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