Stephen Colbert Is Being Profiled

10 Jun

The Associated Press recently profiled Stephen Colbert, and it was grand. Weaving the history of Stephen Colbert the man with Stephen Colbert the character, the piece focused on his amazing ability to host a half-hour nightly comedy show for 2.5 years and still find the funny.   He and his show have given the popular culture with truthiness (how dare spell check state it’s not a word!), humor and a little good (most noticeably the proceeds from the WristStrong bracelets going to injured servicemen and women).

I’ve certainly enjoyed the whole show.  From satirizing Bill O’Reilly to taking on the gravitas of Stone Phillips, Colbert’s range is terrific.  Silly bits spliced with terrific guest ‘gets’ like Mike Huckabee make the show eventful every single night.  I would hope that everyone out there has seen the program, along with Stephen’s other terrific work.  If you haven’t, you must hate America. I am America and so can you!


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