Another Example Of Why Allowing Comments On Is Awesome

30 Jun

So yesterday Karen Heller, columnist to the stars, wrote about how much the cheesesteak sucks and how our city council wastses so much time arguing about them and how she’s a red commie. Well, the always terrific 150 IQ commenters went a-typin’ away. Here’s some of the sparkling gems that I believe need highlighting:

Posted by geektothecorenj 09:16 AM, 06/30/2008
Wow who crowned you princess of the citys health? I mean is this the world we live in? Everyone knows a CheeseSteak is not all that healthy but do we really need to take this honor away from the city? I mean Cheese is bad for ya too should we tell Green Bay to do away with cheese heads? We are talking bout cheese steaks not CRACK! Get a life!
Crack references are always fun. However, I’ve recently learned that crack can indeed be done socially and it’s totally rad!
Posted by Wizard of Mars 10:00 AM, 06/30/2008
Oh! I wish that I had sat up at my laptop last night banging out a story about why the cheesesteak should be boycotted. I suppose after Heller got done stuffing down a cheesesteak w/fries she became guilty as she looked at her love handles and double-chin and decided that cheesesteaks are bad. She vented her frustration over losing the batle with the cheesesteak in an article that is fodder. It is not the cheesesteak that is bad Heller. It is the people who eat like pigs that are bad.
Posted by Sick_of_the_PC_Crowd 10:26 AM, 06/30/2008
I’m tired of the so called “food police” trying to tell others what and what not to eat. Mind your own business. How about getting rid of illegal drugs?
Good point. BE GONE DRUGS! There, I did it, no more drugs!
Posted by dym34 12:03 PM, 06/30/2008
number of times the words health/healthy appear in the column: 0

number of times the words health/healthy appear in the comments section: 14.

Why are you all so defensive?

You and your goddamn facts have no place in the comments.
Posted by tzm 02:08 PM, 06/30/2008
This is not newsworthy. is now nothing more than a portal for inane drivel in the form of blogs. Don’t eat a cheesesteak if you don’t like them. Of all the issues that plague this city, this is what you choose to write about? Go into some of our poorest, most crime-riddled neighborhoods and talk them about cheesesteaks and see if that’s a priority in their lives. Talentless hack.
I have no clue what tzm means…I see no one cheaply using comments to make blog posts.
Posted by rcm2233 05:14 PM, 06/30/2008
For once I truly doubt the collective intelligence of our region. If people took the time to read this (which I doubt) before posting, they should realize that she is making an attack on city council, which wastes so much time on pointless issues and silly name calling. It has nothing to do with actually getting rid of the cheesesteak.
Whatever dude, I wanna be mad!!! I’M MAD! LOOK AT MY ALL CAPS!

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