Prepare Yourself For Even More of Brett Favre In Right Field

30 Jun

Geoff Jenkins, Brett Favre reincarnate, hasn’t exactly lit up the world since about June 8th.  At that time he had a season-high OPS of 782 and things looked to be rolling for the man.  However, since then he’s gone just 2 for 41 (with 3 walks!) at the plate.  Apparently uppercutting at every pitch within 5 feet of the plate doesn’t seem to be a good way to get on base.  And Charlie Manuel’s seen fit to hide him on the bench of late, as he didn’t sniff a bat in the series at Texas.  Come on Charlie, you can’t get going again if you don’t play!  Seems to me we should be starting Jenkins every game so he can get back to that 780 OPS range.

His season-long line of 239 average, 289 OBP and 378 slugging turn into a 667 OPS.  Not bad! After two years of league-average hitting (and below average hitting for his position), he’s turning in a year 25% worse than league average.  But hey, he’s only here for another year and a half.  He turns 34 this month and looks to be hitting his career stride right about NOW. Prepare yourselves for even more goodness coming from right field.  Gritty performances galore ladies and gents.



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