Legendary Wimbeldon Matchup On Right Now

6 Jul

Federer and Nadal just went to the 5th set after an INCREDIBLE tiebreak which Federer won and prevented Nadal from winning championship point TWICE.

4-6 4-6 7-6 7-6 0-0

2:38 PM – Federer up 1-0 in the final set. He looks invigorated.

2:40 PM – Nadal takes a point and it’s now 1-1. Tennis at its finest…and don’t forget the hilarious ball boys running with the Fred Flintstone steps!

2:41PM – LOL, never saw Federer completely swing and miss before. Felt that gust of wind all the way over here.

2:44PM – LONG point here, and Nadal extends it with a sick drop shot on Federer that left his body going in multiple directions. These guys are heads and shoulders above anyone else.

2:53PM – Holy freaking crap, another rain delay.

3:27 PM – And we’re back! Now back tied 3-3 with Federer to serve. This is rididonkulous.

3:48 PM – Officially the longest championship match, it’s now 6-5 in the final set with Nadal to serve. Holy crap this is sweet. They’re so evenly matched I have no clue who is going to win.

3:53 PM – Final point. 6 all in the last set. For it all. 0-30 in Nadal’s favor with Federer serving.

3:55 PM – Roger really came back in this point. Advantage Federer!

3:58 PM – 7-6 as Federer takes this point because of a Nadal error. Best match ever?

4:04 PM – Nadal just tied at 7-7 after an incredible volley between the two where they both pulled shots out of their ass like nobody’s business. This will never end and I almost don’t want it to.

4:09 PM – Nadal just broke Federer’s serve to go up 8-7 in the last set. This is insane. Nadal is serving to win the championship now.

4:12 pm – Nadal is really challenging Roger at the net, and it’s working. 30-30

4:14 PM – Oh my god, what a return by Federer from no man’s land to prevent Nadal from clinching championship point, again.

4:16 PM – Fitting that Federer hitting a ball into the net would clinch it there.  His errors did him in the whole day.

Congrats to Rafael Nadal.


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