Sammy Dalembert Is Parting Ways With Team Canada

17 Jul

Screw Team USA, Team Canada is where all the action is, and where all the controversy ensues.  Seems Sammy Dalembert, the Sixers super-duper center, has left Team Canada.  Or was he told to leave by the coach?  We report, you decide:

It is unclear whether Canadian coach Leo Rautins gave the 76ers’ starting center marching orders or whether Dalembert left on his own. But after Canada beat Korea in Athens, Greece, yesterday without Dalembert, Rautins told the media: “He’s not on the team. I’ll leave it at that.”

Rautins, who could not be reached for comment, went on to say, “Everyone who is here wants to be here and wants to be on this team.”

Whoa!  Passive-aggressive much?!  I half expect Rautins to come out and write a book called ‘If I threw Sammy off the team’ where he waxes poetically about how much Sammy sucks and how lazy he is and how he hates his guts.  Sheesh.  Who’s Canada got left?  Steven Nash ain’t on the team, and Dalembert was the only NBA player left.

Gold medal time?


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