The Phillies Are Scoring Six Runs In The Ninth Inning!

22 Jul

The Mets had the Phillies baffled for most of this past night’s baseball contest.  Starting pitcher Johan Santana pitched 8 fairly terrific innings, allowing only 2 runs and holding on to a 5-2 Mets lead.  It’s tough to give up a 3 run lead with only 3 outs to go…what could go wrong?!

It all started with a Jayson Werth single off Duaner Sanchez.  Then came the flood. Greg Dobbs and Shane Victorino loaded the bases for one Carlos Ruiz, who slapped a ball to Jose Reyes.  Reyes proceeded to forget which sport he was playing and completely muffed the play, allowing Werth to score.

Then one Jimy Williams, the genius entrusted with Charlie Manuel’s stoop after Charlie was ejeced, sent So Taguchi to the plate to pinch-hit for Geoff Jenkins.  Taguchi, he of the 209 average going into tonight, quickly got in the 0-2 hole against lefty Pedro Feliciano, but Taguchi would not quit.  He battled back to 2-2 and then fouled off a few pitches before slapping what can only be described as a 240 foot blooper over the outstretched glove of Endy Chavez.  Chavez had been playing shallow due to the bases loaded no outs deal that the Phils had going.  Taguchi ended with a two-run double, and Jimmy Rollins also piled on with another two-run double to put the Phillies ahead, for good, 8-5.

The Phils now sit 1 game ahead of both the Mets and Florida Marlins in the NL East standings.  Wednesday night’s game features the return of one Brett Myers.  I’m not sure what exactly’s changed from a month ago, but Mr. Myers believes he’s now ready to go.  Let’s hope he’s right.


One Response to “The Phillies Are Scoring Six Runs In The Ninth Inning!”

  1. Chase July 27, 2008 at 6:39 am #

    Then losing two in a row @NY. WTF is up with this team? And, why, has Jimmy Rolling regressed so much?

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