Dallas Green Is A Body Language Expert

28 Jul

Dallas Green, he with the ‘what does he actually do around here?!’ job, was questioned yesterday about one Jimmy Rollins. Green then did what he does best, start chopping down:

“Jimmy and I have a pretty good relationship,” Green said Sunday in the middle innings of the Phillies’ 12-10 win over the Atlanta Braves. “I’ll tell him when I think he’s done right, and I’ll tell him when I think he’s done wrong.

“He’s done wrong. He’s done wrong for the team, he’s done wrong for himself and he’s done wrong for Charlie.”

Hey, whatever. Nothing wrong with these quotes if that’s his opinion. I don’t think there’s some huge controversy or problem with Rollins, but to each his own. But wait! Green goes further:

“I think we’re all disappointed in Jimmy’s reaction to what’s going on,” said Green, the manager of the Phillies’ only championship team in 1980. “His body language is just brutal right now. The body language doesn’t say that ‘I’m busting my [rear] right now.’ ”

Well, christ! That’s what Green’s job is…he’s a body language expert. The Phils employ him to read the body language of the players. What boggles my mind is why he hasn’t put this to better use; Green could certainly farm out his abilities for political reasons, for office meetings and even for birthday parties. I don’t know how he conjures up his magic, but let’s just realize we’re all lucky that he’s employed by OUR team and not the bad guys. At least he didn’t call him a so-so ballplayer, or that his lifestyle wasn’t suited for baseball, or that he’s not clutch.


2 Responses to “Dallas Green Is A Body Language Expert”

  1. John July 28, 2008 at 6:18 pm #

    Well body language is not that easy to interpret. Look at the politicians who are able to mis-guide people all the time.

  2. Kare August 11, 2008 at 8:25 pm #

    With that in mind, what parts of a face most influence first impressions?

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