Take That Mets! Time To Put The Foot On Their Throat!

30 Jul

As of 10:47 PM 7/30/08:

The Phillies took down the Nationals 8-5, while the Mets lost to the third place Marlins 7-5, putting the Phils on top of the National League East.  The offense was led by Shane Victorino (3-5, homer) and Chase Utley (2-4, homer), while old man Jamie Moyer pitched  6 decent innings after a rough first inning where he gave up two home runs to two shitty players (Jose Flores and Willie Harris).  It’s fairly clear to me why the Nationals lose so many games…they have no one, absolutely no one, on their team of any discernible value.  Even Ryan Zimmerman, supposed third base wunderkid, has had a bad year.  This team is just wretched.

Still, they are a major league ballclub and the Phillies are piling up the wins against them.  Now it’s time to finish the Nats off when Kyle Kendrick heads to the mound against John Lannan.  Lannan’s been fairly decent, though a bit lucky, this season and has the edge over Kendrick in my mind.  However, the Nationals lineup would be destroyed by a career AAA pitcher.


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